Axia Holiday Sweepstakes Giveaway #2

Day 2 of the Axia Holiday Sweepstakes features the latest from Microsoft, the Xbox One! Axia Elf Lisa is thrilled to congratulate Jessica H from Magrath, you are our lucky winner! We've sent you an email on how to collect this awesome prize! Learn more about the Xbox One by reading our previous blog post here.

Next givwaway is tomorrow! Stay tuned.

Convergence Conference in Calgary






This year the Convergence Conference is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Formerly known as the ATLE conference,  it was renamed the Convergence Conference to more accurately reflect its objective of bringing a variety of technical elements, staff, educators and leaders from school jurisdictions together with new technology trends in Education.

This year they have partnered with AAHEIT, which represents IT staff from Alberta Post-Secondary Institutions, representing people involved in technology, education, and leadership (the three pillars of ATLE) from Kindergarten through Post-Secondary. 

Who is Axia?

Art Price CEO


It started with a simple idea.

Like all great companies, it started with a simple idea.  Over a decade ago, we looked at the variable quality of Internet service available to Albertans and thought – we can do better!

Our team set out to provide flexible, dependable quality Internet at an affordable price for all Albertans – not just those living in the big cities.

Today, community leaders know that having reliable, high speed Internet is vital to attracting and building a vibrant population. Rural communities have just as much need as major urban centres for genuine and affordable, high speed Internet with world-class communication capabilities.