When, where, and how to watch the World Cup of Hockey

They say Canada has two seasons, summer and hockey. Summer is nice, to be sure, but by the middle of August the Canadian heart begins to long for the sights and sounds of the rink.

Create the Ultimate Summer Soundtrack with Music Streaming Services

From the boombox to the AM/FM tuner, music players have always been staples of summer. Lounging on the patio and hanging out at the beach just aren’t the same without your favourite tunes filling the air.

Why #CordCutting Is a Trending Topic for 2016

Over the last five years subscriptions to pay TV have been on the decline – a movement that will continue well into 2016. Many subscribers are frustrated with the way cable and satellite companies bundle packages of channels forcing them to pay for content they don’t watch. As a result, more and more customers turn to free or low cost alternatives delivered by the Internet.

Top 10 Smart Home Technologies for 2016

Top 10 Smart Home Technologies for 2016

More and more homes are being connected to the Internet with fibre. This means much faster data transmission and reliability than ever before. Now these homes have the ability to become smart and take advantage of new technologies.