Say hello to Tubi TV, a Netflix-style streaming service that’s 100% free

Chances are, you haven’t heard of Tubi TV, but it’s well worth adding to your streaming repertoire. Like Netflix, it features a simple user interface to search and browse. It has a deeper library of titles than services like Crackle. And it plays nice with just about all of your devices. The only catch is Tubi TV is ad-supported, so short commercials are interspersed while you watch. But it’s also 100% free, so it’s easy enough to take for a test drive.

Google Announces Family Link, A Parental Controls App for Android

If you’re raising young children, you’ve likely wrestled with when and how to introduce them to their first smartphone or tablet. On the one hand, these devices can help keep your children connected to you and other family members at all times, as well as connect them to an incredible world of inspiration and information. On the other hand, it can be incredibly difficult to control what kids see and do on the internet.