Streaming options for 91st Academy Awards nominees

Oscars 2019 Streaming Options


The big news at this year’s Academy Awards is that there will be no host. This marks the first time in 30 years that a movie star, comedian or other show biz personality won’t be onstage to guide us on the three-hour-plus journey into glitter and glitz.

Host or no, the annual cinema celebration, which airs Feb. 24, will be viewed by millions (although last year’s broadcast drew a historic low of 26.5M viewers to the ABC broadcast). Those who would rather watch a live stream on their devices have a couple of options.

007 At It Again in New Movie Spectre

In case you've been living under a rock the past few weeks, the new 007 movie Spectre is in theatres starting today and its supposed to be huge! The hype around this movie has become so huge in fact, that even the Bond haters are dying to see it.  The effects, the tech gear and the car (naturally) are supposed to be cooler than ever.  Check out the trailer that's causing all the buzz!