Axia Announces Fibre Optic Expansion to Pincher Creek, Alberta

Axia’s expansion initiative continues across Alberta with the announcement of their latest fibre optic community, Pincher Creek

Axia Technology Scholarship 2016

Axia Technology Scholarship 2016

As a provider of future-proof fibre Internet, Axia believes that technology has the power to create positive change. The high-speed connectivity we offer ensures that Alberta towns are integrated in this fast-paced digital world. We have a vision to bring change in local and global communities through technology. 

Why the future of the Internet depends on next generation fibre optic networks

So what’s so great about fibre optic cabling being used to bring you the Internet? Mainly, two things: increased capacity and 24/7 reliability.

A Beginner's Guide to Switching to VoIP with Ooma

Ooma Telo


When I made the decision to end my cable subscription, I was forced to confront the fact that an unbundled phone bill from my provider was suddenly $60 a month. I needed to make a change quicklyand a VoIP system seemed like a good solution.