Fibre optic Internet

Top 10 Smart Home Technologies for 2016

Top 10 Smart Home Technologies for 2016

More and more homes are being connected to the Internet with fibre. This means much faster data transmission and reliability than ever before. Now these homes have the ability to become smart and take advantage of new technologies.

How Alberta's Clay Teacher would use a fibre connection!

Cindy aka the Clay Teacher is ready for a fibre optic Internet connection so that she can share her pottery studio with the world. Cindy needs a fast, reliable Internet connection so that she can stream videos from her studio to students from all over the world.

Check out some of Cindy's videos on her Youtube channel

Why you need fibre to use the new Apple TV

The newest version of Apple TV releases in October, and it’s yet another signal that the future of home entertainment lies in real-time, high-definition streaming over the Internet. In fact, within the year Apple is even planning to launch its own web TV service to compete with cable TV providers, offering a small bundle of essential channels that will be accessible through—you guessed it—Apple TV’s newest box.