CRTC Blog #2 – Accessibility groups to Telus

Today was my first full day attending the CRTC public hearing. The morning started off with a conversation by Deaf Wireless Canada. A committee of concerned Canadian deaf, hard of hearing and deaf-blind wireless consumers that want fairness, equality and standard advertised packages. They raised many interesting points about access to service for deaf people. Large amounts of bandwidth are needed for the services they use because they largely consist of video sharing. This makes total sense… unfortunately in most areas they are forced to purchase bundled packages which include voice that many people in the deaf community do not use.

Comparing Rural Broadband Options in Alberta

We wish to provide some perspective and clarity on some questions we get asked all the time about rural broadband options in Alberta, and how we are different that the traditional telecommunications and cable companies.

Axia is an Alberta based company that focuses on delivering next generation networks to underserved markets - bridging the digital divide. Our services are delivered over a revolutionary open access, pure fibre network, that offers the most competitive pricing model to each and every one of our customers. Axia’s open access network allows any traditional telco or cableco (including O-Net) the ability to sell their services over our network. We have international experience operating networks in France, Singapore, Spain, and the USA.