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Before you binge watch Stranger Things Season 2: A look at the biggest questions from Season 1

Netflix dropped the full second season of Stranger Things a few days ago, just in time for binge watching in the run-up to Halloween night. If you didn’t get a chance to dive back into the upside-down over the weekend don’t wait too long — spoilers will be next to impossible to avoid in the coming days, and with a show like Stranger Things, the surprises are half the fun.

To catch you up and get you prepped for Season 2, here’s a quick look back on the biggest questions and lingering storylines from the first season. 

Netflix Introduces Offline Viewing So You Can Binge Anytime, Anywhere

If you’re a longtime subscriber to Netflix, you’ve likely wished at one point or another for the ability to download TV shows and movies from the online streaming service for offline viewing. From airplanes and subways to airports and hotel rooms, we often find ourselves in situations without reliable access to the Internet, which makes Netflix streaming either impossible or wildly expensive.

Why #CordCutting Is a Trending Topic for 2016

Over the last five years subscriptions to pay TV have been on the decline – a movement that will continue well into 2016. Many subscribers are frustrated with the way cable and satellite companies bundle packages of channels forcing them to pay for content they don’t watch. As a result, more and more customers turn to free or low cost alternatives delivered by the Internet.