Apple Music

Create the Ultimate Summer Soundtrack with Music Streaming Services

From the boombox to the AM/FM tuner, music players have always been staples of summer. Lounging on the patio and hanging out at the beach just aren’t the same without your favourite tunes filling the air.

Apple Music vs. Spotify

Streaming music is becoming as popular as streaming video with the launch of Spotify and Apple Music. We've highlighted features of both to help you decide which service is right for you!

Sonos Play 1 – Soon to Support Apple Music Too!

Sonos has been the leader in connected Wi-Fi speakers for a few years now. They offer the ability to customize audio through your home network to an extent that was only previously realized by professionally installed and wired, home speaker systems. The one problem with Sonos was the cost of each speaker being quite high. However, with the launch of the Play 1 there is now a much more affordable option at $220 (CDN).