PlayStation VR takes the next step with non-gaming content

If you’re a non-gamer, the options for virtual reality headsets have been somewhat limited. The best of the best—Oculus Rift and HTC Vive—require powerful (and expensive) computers and are ideally suited to hardcore gamers. At the other end of the spectrum, smartphone-powered headsets like Samsung Gear and Google Cardboard offer subpar optics that can quickly strain the eye.

Axia Plans to Invest $100 Million to Connect Rural Albertans to the World

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Major investment across the province by Alberta-based company, Axia NetMedia Corporation, will ensure more rural Albertans have access to world-class fibre connectivity to their homes and businesses at affordable prices.

Calgary, AB – Homegrown technology company and world leaders in fibre networks, Axia NetMedia Corporation (Axia), announces a $100 million investment in new fibre infrastructure to connect 40 more rural Alberta communities. This will allow residents and business to experience unparalleled connectivity and reliability. With Axia’s high-speed fibre connection, customers in rural communities can expect enhanced and expanded services, as well as improved business productivity and competitiveness for their communities.