Think Outside the Box for Black Friday

When it comes to Black Friday deal hunting, it’s hard to beat the convenience of online shopping. You get to skip the long lines found in stores and cozy up on the couch instead of elbowing your way through crowds. The only downside to online shopping is shipping—it’s either too expense, too long, too inconvenient, or it’s simply “not available in your country.”

Apple TV brings interactive children’s books to the biggest screen in your home

In a day and age of digital distraction, encouraging kids to read and develop a reading habit can be a bit of an uphill battle. Loading your tablet up with colourful children’s ebooks is one way to combine the best of both worlds and minimize the amount of time spent playing Angry Birds, but TV has always been the main attraction when it comes to a child’s source of entertainment.

Cut the cable cord and stream live TV through your Roku player

Cutting the cord on cable and embracing the world of streaming content is becoming more and more popular, but saying goodbye to the ease and convenience of live broadcast television can be difficult, especially when it comes to watching local news and sports.

Must-have smartphone apps to get you ready for Halloween

After you’ve carved the pumpkins, decked the house out with spooky decorations, and pulled on your finest Walking Dead costume, it’s time to get your smartphone dressed up for a night of Halloween fun.

But if wading through the thousands of Halloween-themed apps available on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store sounds like too much of a nightmare, you’re in luck—we’ve plucked out a few of our favourites.