Best Back to School Apps for College and University

Last week we shared some of our favourite back to school apps for busy families and younger students. But this is also back to school season for those in college and university.

The “I” in Internet of Things and What It Means for Your Business


The Internet of Things is on its way to becoming the Internet of Everything. Smart thermostats, wearables and smart cars are all IoT features that are here to stay, and there are many more to come. According to Business Insider, by 2020, there will be 34 billion connected devices in use. And that’s a conservative estimate.

The other thing about the IoT is that the ‘I’ part of it is vital. Those 34 billion devices are useless without the Internet to provide connectivity.

Axia Plans to Invest $100 Million to Connect Rural Albertans to the World

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Major investment across the province by Alberta-based company, Axia NetMedia Corporation, will ensure more rural Albertans have access to world-class fibre connectivity to their homes and businesses at affordable prices.

Calgary, AB – Homegrown technology company and world leaders in fibre networks, Axia NetMedia Corporation (Axia), announces a $100 million investment in new fibre infrastructure to connect 40 more rural Alberta communities. This will allow residents and business to experience unparalleled connectivity and reliability. With Axia’s high-speed fibre connection, customers in rural communities can expect enhanced and expanded services, as well as improved business productivity and competitiveness for their communities.

Essential Back to School Apps for Busy Families

The back to school shopping is done, the first lunches are planned, and the summer clothes have been packed away—time for another new school year.