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Axia Announces Fibre Optic Expansion to Fairview, Alberta


Axia’s fibre network expansion continues to Northern Alberta with its multi-million dollar investment into Fairview, Alberta. 

Calgary, AB – By advocating to get 30% of homes and local businesses to express their interest in a fibre optic network, Fairview is to become the next rural community to receive fibre infrastructure from Axia. This announcement means unprecedented speed and reliability to homes and businesses in Fairview. Axia’s fibre network is made available on an open-access basis, meaning long-term competitiveness and sustainability as the digital economy continues its unprecedented growth.

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Playstation 4 Pro: Better Looking Gaming

CES 2017: The Practical Gadgets and Gizmos to Really Get Excited About

That’s a wrap—CES 2017 has come and gone, leaving technology buffs everywhere with plenty of soon-to-be-released gadgets and gizmos to drool over. The paper-thin televisions, submarine drones, and fleet of self-driving cars grabbed most of the headlines, but dig a little deeper and you’ll find CES was chock-full of more practical (and far more affordable) product announcements this year. Here are a few of our favourites:

Mohu AirWave