Google Announces Family Link, A Parental Controls App for Android

If you’re raising young children, you’ve likely wrestled with when and how to introduce them to their first smartphone or tablet. On the one hand, these devices can help keep your children connected to you and other family members at all times, as well as connect them to an incredible world of inspiration and information. On the other hand, it can be incredibly difficult to control what kids see and do on the internet.

Tech-Inspired Gift Ideas for Mom This Mother’s Day

Want to really impress the moms in your life this Mother’s Day? Start by avoiding the same old uninspired and unoriginal gift ideas that are trotted out again and again each year. Flowers, chocolates, and breakfast in bed are nice, but they should only be the beginning.

Overlooked Travel Apps to Make Vacation Planning Easy

With the official first day of summer on its way (and the good weather rolling in even sooner), it might be time to start thinking about that annual vacation or getaway you’ve been putting off for too many years.

Spend all day staring at screens? Protect your eyes from harmful Blue Light

Stop for a moment and think: How many digital screens do you use in a typical day? How many hours each day do you spend staring at your smartphone, tablet, computer, and TV screens?