Spend all day staring at screens? Protect your eyes from harmful Blue Light

Stop for a moment and think: How many digital screens do you use in a typical day? How many hours each day do you spend staring at your smartphone, tablet, computer, and TV screens?

Secure your vacation plans with WiFi-enabled home cameras

Spring is here and summer is on the way, which means it’s time to start penciling in a few weekend getaways and, if you’re lucky, prepping for that annual vacation you’ve got coming up. One of the most overlooked areas of vacation planning, however, has nothing to do with your destination, reservations or travel itinerary. It has to do with how well you secure your home before you leave for vacation.

Top Easter Apps and Games for Kids

Easter is just around the corner, so if you have little ones in the house it’s time to start hatching those long weekend game plans. Once your kids have rolled out of bed and sniffed out every hidden egg in the house, they’ll need some fun Easter-themed activities to keep them preoccupied (unless you want them riding a sugar high right through the weekend).

CraveTV streaming is now available without a cable subscription

If you’re on the fence about cutting the cord on cable you’ve likely discovered it’s getting harder and harder to justify staying plugged in. Content streaming options are growing more abundant and more affordable than ever, and now you can add another popular service to the list.