Using IFTTT to simplify your smart home

Using IFTTT to simplify your smart home

One of the biggest problems many people run into when setting up or planning their network of smart home devices is a lack of cross-compatibility. In short, not all smart home devices, platforms, hubs, and apps play nicely together. Your smart lights may talk to an app on your phone but not to your voice-controlled smart hub, while your smart speakers might talk to your smart hub but not to any specific app on your phone.

Game of Thrones Season 7 Premieres Sunday, July 16th on HBO

It may be July, but winter is coming. That’s right—Game of Thrones is back, with the first episode of Season 7 airing Sunday, July 16th on HBO. As you gear up to return to the land of Westeros, here’s a look at where things left off, plus some of the biggest questions we hope Season 7 will answer.

Gadgets and gear for throwing the ultimate Canada Day BBQ

Canada’s 150th birthday is just around the corner. If you’re not going to any of the official events that will be taking place all across the country on July 1st, then it’s time to start planning a big backyard BBQ bash of your own.

Google’s smart assistant speaker, Google Home, is coming to Canada

Until recently, Amazon Echo has been the undisputed king of the voice-activated smart home speaker market, deftly using Amazon’s “smart assistant” Alexa voice technology to answer your on-the-fly questions, give you the low-down on the weather, and put your other smart home devices at your direct beck and call. Two years after its initial release, however, the Echo still remains officially unavailable in Canada, leaving smart home fans in Canada with fairly limited options.