About Axia

Axia at a Glance

We sell fast, reliable transport services using the most intelligent data management systems to deliver maximum performance at every moment on our networks.

For over a decade, we have focused our business on areas where access to high bandwidth fibre infrastructure did not exist. Our success has been our ability to develop networks using the most technologically advanced, expertly engineered fibre technology to provide customers with superior performance and control. We have focused primarily on rural communities to bridge the digital divide by building the most reliable digital infrastructure – resulting in clear economic, communication, and educational benefits in these communities. We have done this for customers in Alberta, Massachusetts, and as far away as France.

Who We Are

We’re a team of problem-solvers, innovators, and engineers - all excited, dedicated and committed to providing the ultimate connectivity experience to our customers. Who we are and how we operate are summarized by our core values – a set of principles that guide a culture of trust, service, purpose, and excellence.

These values help shape our thoughts and actions with each other internally and when serving our customers, shareholders, and communities where we live and operate.

Our Core Values

Our success depends on our clients, our business partners, and our employees. To manage changing and emerging markets we have developed a core set of values to follow to help respond to our customers’ needs and adapt as we go. At Axia we are committed to employee satisfaction, their development, and well-being.  Our external business partners provide valuable support in helping serve our customers and providing new opportunities. Our values are:

  • Customer-driven excellence
  • Organizational and personal learning
  • Valuing our employees and business partners
  • Agility
  • Focus on the future
  • Managing for innovation

What We Do

We sell FibreNet services that connect customers to our technologically advanced fibre networks which helps companies and individuals better compete in today’s digital economy. Just as railways and telegraph lines were critical infrastructure in the previous century, a well-engineered, high-performance fibre network is essential infrastructure for today’s economy. FibreNet is transforming the way we work, learn, communicate, shop, inform, and entertain.

To learn more, visit www.AxiaFibreNet.com