Re-Thinking (and Re-Wiring) Green: Eco Friendly Tech Tips to Keep in Mind

March brings to mind thoughts of the colour green – all the shades of spring (if we Albertans are lucky), Saint-Patrick’s Day beer, and the new Avengers movie (well, it’s actually out in April. But it’s got the Hulk!).

But amidst global environmental concerns – not to mention the costs to your pocketbook – it might be time to consider: how green is my home?

Here are some tech tips on greening up your living quarters by using less energy and using it more efficiently.


Programmable thermostats

Why the WiFi Porter is your new #BFF


“What’s your password again?”

“It’s RAAR1000!!!B7B700000catsnamehere. Simple!”

Anyone who has ever been given a WiFi password made up of a jumble of letters, numbers, and symbols, will appreciate the WiFi Porter.

Simply tap the unit with your smartphone and voila—you or your guests are connected.

Or course, there’s a little more to using the new gadget than that, including which operating systems and devices are compatible with the device.

Canada’s New Best Kept Streaming Secret

Are you a huge Game of Thrones fan? Did you binge-watch every episode of The Handmaid’s Tale in a single rainy weekend? Do you love stay-in movie nights, where you make some popcorn, kick back on your couch, and flick on a big time Hollywood blockbuster, like Ready Player One or The Girl on the Train?

5 New Tech Toys Unveiled at CES 2019

CES 2019 Highlights

We might not have jetpacks but we’re definitely living in the future. Plop down someone from 2009 or even five years ago and they would barely recognize the selfie-stick, fit-chip age we’re living in today.