Before you binge watch Stranger Things Season 2: A look at the biggest questions from Season 1

Netflix dropped the full second season of Stranger Things a few days ago, just in time for binge watching in the run-up to Halloween night. If you didn’t get a chance to dive back into the upside-down over the weekend don’t wait too long — spoilers will be next to impossible to avoid in the coming days, and with a show like Stranger Things, the surprises are half the fun.

To catch you up and get you prepped for Season 2, here’s a quick look back on the biggest questions and lingering storylines from the first season. 

What happened to Eleven?

In the final episode of the first season, Eleven used her mysterious powers to save Mike, Dustin, Will, and Lucas from the big, bad, and super-ugly Demogorgon, which she effectively obliterated, taking herself with it.

She’s confirmed to be a central character in Season 2 and she appears in the Season 2 trailers, so it’s safe to assume she was merely transported back into the upside-down. But her obliteration of the Demogorgon seemed to take quite a toll — she was bleeding from the eyeballs just before she vanished, for heaven’s sake. Is she changed? Are her powers lost? 

What’s the deal with Will?

The plot of the entire first season was centered around Will’s mysterious disappearance. His eventual rescue from the upside-down by his mom Joyce and Hopper the Sheriff teased us with the possibility of a happy ending. But then Will went and started secretly coughing up slimy Demogorgon slugs in the closing moments of the Season 1 finale.

Is Will a carrier of the evilness found in the upside-down? Is he planting the seeds for the dark things that will surely strike the town of Hawkins in Season 2? He also appeared to see the upside-down briefly, just before Season 1 ended. Will was a largely absent character in the first season, but he’s likely to be a prominent presence in Season 2.

What’s going on with Chief Hopper?

Jim Hopper was one of the more intriguing characters in Season 1. He quickly came around to the idea that some pretty weird things were going on in Hawkins, even without much of any hard evidence, and eagerly took on the burden of playing hero. In short, he’s clearly a good guy.

Which makes it difficult to figure out some of his final moments in Season 1. In one, he’s picked up by a black secret-agency type car and driven away, and in another he’s stashing food away in the woods. What’s Hopper up to? Is he working with the Hawkins National Laboratory or CIA now? Or is he trying to lure our Eleven before someone (or something?) else finds her?


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