Why Kidoodle.TV is a parent’s best friend

Keeping your kiddos entertained generally requires a lot of energy (and a metric ton of child-friendly DVDs or Blu-ray discs).

But even if you’re armed with a library full of titles like Frozen and Toy Story, you can end up locked in a state of continually swapping out one disc for another, or replaying the same one over and over again. (Or running back into the living room every time they yell for you to “skip over the scary parts because they’re scary”.)

TV shows are scarcely much better. You can plunk your little one down in front of the TV and revel in the fact the shows are all automated, but in no time at all you’re worrying about what type of commercials they’re watching, how the programming might change hour to hour, or whether your little one has accidentally switched the channel to who-knows-what.

With a subscription to the Kidoodle.TV video app, you can say adios to all of the above. It's easy-to-use (even for kiddos), a member of the kidSAFE® Seal Program, and packed with thousands of hours of popular cartoons and educational programming for kids. It’s also fully customizable and loaded with parental controls. You can set time limits, create bedtime curfews, and filter titles by age group.

Each subscription to Kidoodle.TV also comes with 100GB of digital storage and a feature called Family Moments. You can upload your favourite family videos and organize them so they’re always just a quick click away.

If you’ve got an Apple TV 4, Roku media player, or Google Nexus Player you can add the Kidoodle.TV app and enjoy all of its content right on your big screen TV. It’s also compatible with iOS and Android devices, so if your child is already swiping at Angry Birds like a pro on your tablet then they’re ready to roll with Kidoodle.


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