Who is Axia?

Art Price CEO


It started with a simple idea.

Like all great companies, it started with a simple idea.  Over a decade ago, we looked at the variable quality of Internet service available to Albertans and thought – we can do better!

Our team set out to provide flexible, dependable quality Internet at an affordable price for all Albertans – not just those living in the big cities.

Today, community leaders know that having reliable, high speed Internet is vital to attracting and building a vibrant population. Rural communities have just as much need as major urban centres for genuine and affordable, high speed Internet with world-class communication capabilities.

Creating and delivering this top quality Internet service is our speciality. It means using the latest technology; that’s where fibre optic cable comes in.

Traditional copper wire just isn’t good enough anymore for the things we use the internet for. Whether you are operating a home business, binge watching episodes of Breaking Bad or live streaming Premier League soccer matches, you need the resiliency of fibre optic infrastructure.

Our team has become experts at bringing fibre optic cable to underserved communities in Alberta and beyond. We now have a network that spans the globe with almost 30,000 kilometres of fibre and we want to keep it growing.

We are planning to expand fibre availability across rural Alberta.

Are you tired of slow Internet? Talk to us and find out how your community can be part of our fibre optic network.  Visit www.axia.com/order and submit your interest today.


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