What you need to know about choosing a Smart TV

It used to be when you went shopping for a new TV you’d look for one with the best picture in the largest size that you could afford.  Nowadays, televisions come with all kinds of additional features - one of which is the ability to be smart technology enabled.

What is a smart TV?

Basically it’s like a computer that can connect to the Internet to display web pages, stream video and play games. There’s no need to have a cable or satellite TV provider and a lot of content is free. This has led many people to cancel their TV service and use the Internet instead for watching TV shows and movies, a term called cordcutting.

Why smart TV interfaces matter

The first smart TVs had interfaces that were simply an expansion of the onscreen menus and had a limited ability to link directly to Internet services. Now, most come with screen icons for the most popular web browsers, streaming sites such as Netflix and YouTube, and links to social media like Facebook and Twitter. Also, some of these services even have their own control button on the remote controls!

The user interface can vary widely between brands so be sure to test-drive it before buying. Many manufacturers are now abandoning their old, clunky propriety systems for the more familiar and intuitive platforms available for mobile devices. These often include apps stores so you can download a variety of web services, games and other entertainment and can sometimes be controlled by your smart phone.

There are many opinions on which smart TVs offer the user-friendliest interfaces – it’s truly a personal choice and depends on your usage habits.

Connecting a smart TV

To start using your smart TV you’ll need to hook it up to a broadband Internet connection as anything less will likely not be able to deliver streaming video effectively. Most smart TVs have an Ethernet and/or Ethernet over HDMI port but now many come with built-in WiFi, which can be a lot easier to connect to your home network than with a cable.

Some of the online video streaming sites are providing video in 4K format, which requires a tremendous amount of bandwidth. To make the most of your smart TV experience we recommend our all-fibre network solution.

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