Watch and record over-the-air TV channels with Plex Live TV

If you’ve cut the cord on cable (or if you’re thinking about it) and you’re looking for a way to watch free live local TV with streamlined DVR-style ease, good news is in store. Plex, most known for its free Plex Media Server software, is launching Plex Live TV, which gives you the ability to watch and record free live over-the-air HD channels for a small monthly fee.

To make it work you’ll need a digital antenna, a digital tuner, and Plex Media Server software (available for just about any device you use), so getting set up will take a bit of legwork. But once you’re up and running you can enjoy local live television—with all the bells and whistles of a digital cable box—at a fraction of the cost of a cable subscription.

How does it all work?

As your antenna and tuner pull in free over-the-air HD channels available in your area, Plex presents all of the content in a slick and user-friendly digital dashboard, similar to one you’d get with a conventional cable box—complete with program thumbnails, episode information, and cast information. You can sort by channel, program, or genre, and even check out what’s coming up later.

You can also record live TV on the fly or set up series recordings, so you never miss another episode of your favourite shows. And you’re not tied to your couch either, as all of your recordings can be streamed to any of your devices, whether you’re at home or on the go.

If you’re thinking Plex Live TV might be for you, start by checking out the free over-the-air HD channels that are available in your area, since it will be these channels that Plex has the ability to pull in, sort, organize, and make available for streaming or recording. 


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