Vulcan Promotion | November 2015

Axia Fibre Internet Promotion - Vulcan, AB

Hey Vulcan!

Join Generation Axia today by ordering our fibre Internet service and we will get you started with all the tools you need to start streaming, chatting and connecting with the world.

Use the promo code MORESTREAMING and order today at

Not only will we waive the activation fee, but we will also include some best-in-class devices to help you take advantage of your new, blazingly fast Axia fibre Internet. With plans starting at $59/month there is no better time than today to order an Axia fibre Internet connection.

For more information on plans, visit


  Residential Services  25 Mbps  50 Mbps  100 Mbps
  Waived Activation Fee X X N/A
  Apple TV X X X
  Ooma Phone   X X
  1 Year of Streaming Sports 1     X






  Business Services  25 Mbps  50 Mbps  100 Mbps  1 Gbps
  Waived Activation Fee X X X X




1 Terms and Conditions Apply

Axia Customer Referral Program - $50 Pay Pal Gift Card

Already have an Axia fibre Internet service? We got you covered as well.

Refer a friend and we will reward you with a $50 PayPal gift card. Make sure your friends and family fill out your name in the referral section when they order their service.

2 Terms and Condtions Apply


1 2 Read full Terms and Conditions here.


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