Unwrap wireless (and effortless) multi-room audio this Christmas with Sonos

From Feliz Navidad to Silent Night, it’s not quite Christmas until you’ve filled your home with your favourite holiday hits or fired up one of Spotify’s official Christmas playlists.

For some audiophiles, this is the perfect time of year to dust off that old all-in-one turntable stereo system and crack open Bing Crosby’s White Christmas LP. For others, this is as opportune a time as any to reassess your home’s audio setup entirely. And these days, no modern sound system is complete without wireless multi-room audio, such as Sonos’ award-winning line of Wi-Fi speakers.

What makes Sonos speakers so special? For starters, Sonos speakers connect to your streaming services and other devices in your home via Wi-Fi, rather than Bluetooth. This results in a stronger connection that won’t be easily interrupted by notifications or minor fluctuations in a flimsy Bluetooth pairing.

They’re also incredibly easy to set up, and even easier to expand on your home network. You can start with one Sonos speaker in your living room, add another in your upstairs bedroom, and a third in your garage. Playback is synced across each speaker flawlessly, so you can enjoy your favourite tunes and podcasts in each room in your home—and it can all be set up in mere minutes.

Convinced? Don’t go adding a Sonos to your Christmas wish list just yet though, because if you’re an Axia customer a Sonos speaker might already be on its way to your front door. That’s right, the Axia elves have made a list, they’ve checked it twice, and they’ve flagged all Axia customers as nice!

This week, to make the holidays extra Merry & Bright, our tireless elves will be spreading the holiday cheer by hand-delivering a BlueBox directly to your home. Inside you’ll find a fun gift just for you, but if you open your BlueBox up to find your gift wrapped in gold foil you’re in for an even bigger surprise—you’ve just won one our larger sweepstakes prizes. It could be a Sonos speaker, Google Home, Nest thermostat, or more.

The best part? If you win a gold prize you get to give one away to a neighbor! So stay on the lookout for elves in your area soon. They come bearing gifts (and maybe even some hot chocolate).


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