Touring the Home of the Future

At Telus, the future is friendly but when you visit their “Future Home” you are left wondering if that future will ever come if you wait for them to deliver it. They have created a 560 square foot living space that showcases the technologies that will make our lives simpler when you connect to their fibre optic network.

There are a few issues with the whole thing.

  1. Most of the technologies are available in one form or another currently.
    • Biometric locks – A short look on eBay, Amazon and Best Buy shows a number
    • Interactive Touch Table computer desk – Microsoft has one and so does Ideum .
    • Connected thermostats and lights – my grandmother has a Nest for goodness sakes!
    • Next generation home entertainment – 4K TVs are not in every house but represent 14% of TV sales worldwide. Not an insignificant number.
  2. The presentation talks about how the power of fibre is how this technology is unlocked; however, the only big bandwidth technology they demonstrate is the 4K television. Is this because the only thing they really care about selling is their Ultra High Definition Optik TV service? The big bandwidth users are on services that Telus would rather you not use such as Netflix, Steam and the truly futuristic virtual reality.
  3. Their current coverage in Calgary sucks. There were four of us that went to see the Future Home and none of us were in the coverage zone or were close enough to have a timeline. The neighbourhoods in case you are curious are Wentworth, Chinook Park, Connaught and Inglewood. A pretty good cross section of inner city and suburban.

In the final analysis, I will sign up for the Telus fibre optic service when it finally comes to my area but only because they are the only choice in Calgary or Edmonton but who knows how long that will take. In the meantime, I am apparently already living in a Future Home in Calgary with my DiY smart home, the main difference being that I don’t have a Telus branded user interface. The Future is Now!

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