The stocking stuffer streaming device: Roku Express now available in Canada

If you’re on the lookout for a super-affordable set-top streaming device you might want to check out Roku’s latest device, the Roku Express, which is now finally available in Canada. It’s small, it’s cheap (to the tune of about 40 bucks), and it makes a great gift.

For years, Google Chromecast has been the reigning king of cheap, entry-level streaming devices, and for good reason. Chromecast is relatively easy to use, relatively simple to set up, and it’s great for secondary TVs in a home, or for anyone who doesn’t do a whole lot of streaming from apps like Netflix.

As a dedicated, standalone streaming device, however, Chromecast does have its drawbacks. It has no remote or on-screen menu system. All control and navigation have to be done on a compatible phone or tablet that’s synced with the Chromecast via Wi-Fi. It also doesn’t have an incredibly wide selection of streaming apps.

This is where the Roku Express really shines. It’s a few dollars cheaper than a Chromecast and it comes with a dedicated remote control, features the same robust on-screen menu system found in other Roku streaming devices, and offers the widest selection of streaming apps available.

As Roku’s entry-level streaming device, the Express doesn’t support 4K or HDR streaming, but it does offer other benefits of a standard Roku device. Leading the way is Roku’s massive selection of free and paid apps and channels. Beyond staples like Netflix, YouTube, Google Play, and Crackle, Roku offers thousands of additional streaming channels across a wide array of genres and niches.

If you’re looking to set up a grandparent with a simple streaming device, or are interested in checking out what the world of Roku offers, the Express is a great option. At $40, it’s an easy addition to a secondary TV in your home and makes a great gift for a loved one. 


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