Sonos Play 1 – Soon to Support Apple Music Too!

Sonos has been the leader in connected Wi-Fi speakers for a few years now. They offer the ability to customize audio through your home network to an extent that was only previously realized by professionally installed and wired, home speaker systems. The one problem with Sonos was the cost of each speaker being quite high. However, with the launch of the Play 1 there is now a much more affordable option at $220 (CDN).

The Sonos Play is the benchmark in compact Wi-Fi speaker technology. The sound is fantastic and the speakers look great. The best part though is that Sonos supports the most streaming music apps over your home network. The Sonos will also stream your personal music connection. It’s as easy as pointing Sonos to the music folder on your network and pushing play.

The Sonos 1 gives the options of plugging into your network either with an Ethernet cable or via Wi-Fi through the Sonos app. If this is your only Sonos speaker or if you have fewer than 3 Sonos speakers you don’t have to buy a Sonos Hub for an extra $90.

The best thing about the speaker is its great sound quality for the size of the speaker. This is the perfect speaker for a bedroom or even your kitchen. For a larger room you would need a couple of the Sonos Play 1 to fill the space. This obviously doubles the cost but there is a two speaker starter kit available from Best Buy for a bit of a discount.

With the addition of Apple Music on December 15th, Sonos now supports almost all of the major music streaming apps so makes the Play 1 the most powerful compact speaker from a music choice perspective as well.  Here is a complete list of the available apps.

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