Rogers launches Sportsnet NOW online streaming service

Spring is here and in Canada that means two things to all sports fans: the NHL playoffs are right around the corner and the Blue Jays are warming up the bats for the start of another great season. If you’re a sports fan north of the border, this is easily one of the most exciting times of the year.

It also just got a whole lot easier to enjoy, especially for cord-cutters and those without cable.

Late last week, Sportsnet announced the launch of a brand new online streaming service, Sportsnet NOW. It’s live as of April 1st and it allows all Canadians to watch all six Sportsnet television channels— over the Internet—without a subscription to any cable service provider.

This is great news for anyone who was hanging onto their costly cable package just so they could quench their thirst for live sports. Sportsnet NOW does require a direct subscription of its own, but the cost of that subscription is a fraction of any cable package cost.

If you were on the fence about cutting the cable cord before, NOW might be your ticket to finally take the plunge.

Once you’re up and rolling with Sportsnet NOW, you can stream Sportsnet Ontario, East, Pacific, West, ONE, and 360 on your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. And with Google Chromecast or the right HDMI adapter, it’s a cinch to stream the feed from your smartphone or laptop right to your HDTV or 4K TV.

The only thing you’ll be limited by is your Internet connection’s bandwidth and your service provider’s data caps, so make sure you check out each of those first. If you want to stream HD or 4K content to your heart’s content, binge-watching as much NHL playoff hockey as you can squeeze into your day, then you might want to consider our all-fibre network.

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