Ooma Telo and Handset

One of the prizes in Axia’s Holiday sweepstakes is an Ooma Telo 2 and Ooma HD2 Handset! You can enter the sweepstakes here.
Ooma is the fastest growing VoIP company in Canada and provides a level of service and suite of features that beats traditional phone companies hands down. Where your traditional phone is probably around $40 dollars a month with a few features such as voicemail and caller ID.

Ooma provides for about $4/month:

• Caller ID/Call Waiting
• Free unlimited Canada wide calling
• Voicemail
• Ooma App for your smartphone
• E911 service
• Ooma will port your current home number to your Ooma phone

There is a $10 dollar/month premium service that offers even more and you can see a review of the whole service in a previous post.

The Ooma HD2 handset is a hybrid of smartphone and home phone with the ability to sync your Facebook, Google, Yahoo and LinkedIn contacts directly to the phone.  It gives you photo display of the callers as well. If you have more than one handset you can use the phone as an intercom or even a baby monitor. All this for the tenth of the monthly cost of your current traditional phone provider.

All you need is a high performing internet connection. If your town in Alberta doesn’t currently have a fibre network, make sure you go to Axia.com/alberta to enter your address. If your town can sign up 30% of the residents, Axia will bring our network to you!


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