Meet Charntelle and Find Out Why She's part of Generation Axia

Name: Charntelle Koch
Town: Vulcan
Occupation: Owner, The Coulee Pub & Grill

“My business, and all the technology that drives it, would not be able to function without Axia's super speeds. The world is smart and fibre is smarter! I have my finger on The Coulee's pulse at the touch of a button at all times, including updating current music sources, live streaming music performances and always watching the big games keeping community as our heart -  it is out of this world! From live sales as they happen during any part of the day to interaction with security controls, I get a fast, flawless stream to my phone or even home computer. Axia allows me to grow and expand my business's brand culture, not just locally but internationally and gives me precious time to still be a full time mother & wife, while stimulating my creativity with new ideas. And the best part...everything is only a click away. I used to work long hours with what felt like a million miles of wasted paper...and now we are 90% paper free! Its incredible!

Thank you for your service and for transforming my business.”

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