iOS and Android apps to keep you on track with your New Year’s resolutions

Now that we’re a full week into 2018 you’re probably already starting to slip on some of your goals, just like everybody else. In fact, 80% of New Year’s resolutions are abandoned by the beginning of February.

If this truly is the year you’re dead set on keeping those resolutions intact, a little help can go a long way. Here’s a look at some of the best apps to help you keep up the most common goals.

Stay motivated and build momentum  

One of the biggest reasons people give up on their resolutions is a lack of traction. If your goal is incremental—something you need to keep up over time—missing a day or a week can feel like a big setback. With apps like Done or Way of Life, you can track multiple goals or habits with ease, encouraging you to build a longer and longer streak.

Manage, save, and invest your money better

For most people, creating and maintaining a strict budget is hard, complicated work. Mint makes it as easy as possible, doing most of the heavy lifting automatically. Sync your accounts, answer some basic questions, set your budget, and Mint will do the rest—breaking your spending down by category and even reminding you when you’re over budget on certain items. Once you’ve nailed down your budget and freed up some extra loonies, give Acorns a shot. This app automatically invests your spare change in stock and bonds.

Learn something new

Is your 2018 summer vacation taking you to a new country with a foreign language? Get a jump start on your trip with Duolingo, the free app that makes learning a new language simple, intuitive, and accessible. Or maybe your New Year’s resolution is to get a new job, big promotion, or even change careers? Learn the requisite skills and set yourself apart from the competition with thousands and thousands of online courses on Lynda.

Get serious about getting in shape

Personal trainers are expensive. But if you're serious about getting in shape there’s no substitute. Unless you’ve got the Nike Training Club app loaded up on your smartphone. It’s packed with hundreds of videos of workouts led by professional trainers so you can focus on your fitness goals with expert-guided precision. The best part? The app will adapt as you use it, developing a personalized workout plan just for you and your needs. 


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