How to watch NHL hockey after cutting the cord on cable

With the official end of summer and the arrival of fall it’s time to prepare for the emergence of winter’s short days and long nights. In most countries, that means getting lots of lots of Vitamin D on a daily basis. And while that’s generally good practice, up here in Canada winter’s arrival means one thing and one thing only: Ensuring we get lots and lots of healthy NHL hockey on a daily basis.

To be sure, there’s no shortage of NHL hockey action here in Canada. But if you’re among the growing number of cable cord-cutters in this country you’ll find yourself cut off from most of it.

This is a relatively new dilemma for Canadians—how to watch regular NHL hockey games without weighty cable subscriptions.

This is why long-running streaming services such as NHL GameCentre Live are gaining fresh appeal.

We’re previously written about Sportsnet NOW, which allows you to view all of Sportsnet’s cable channels online without a cable subscription. And while that’s a great option in and of itself, you’re limited to games scheduled for broadcast on Sportsnet only.

GameCentre Live, on the other hand, lets you gorge on hockey every night of the season, making it a perfect option for rapid hockey fans and the owners of fantasy hockey teams. GameCentre Live gives you online live-streaming access to more than 1000 games each season, including the ability to watch up to four games at once via in split-screen.

Once subscribed, you can sign into dedicated GameCentre apps and watch live NHL action on your smartphone, tablet, Apple TV, Roku, PlayStation or Xbox. It’s also Chromecast-compatible, so if you’re streaming from your laptop, PC, smartphone, or tablet you can instantly “cast” the action to your TV.

If you’re a hockey fan who doesn’t want to compromise on your decision to cut the cable cord, this is a great solution that puts more hockey games in your living room than ever before. 


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