How to Watch the 2015 Election Without Cable

Today marks the culmination of a 78 day barrage of election ads, promises and perhaps elevated blood pressure depending on your political persuasion. Now all that is left is to cast your ballot (If you don’t know where you cast your ballot you can find out here) and then settle down and watch the results come in from across the country. At least in between the innings in the Jays game. But what if you don’t have cable? How can you keep up to date? (You already know how to watch the Blue Jays from my last post)

It turns out that if you have a laptop with an HDMI connection and a high performing internet connection, that there are a number of options out there to watch the news on a normal night and this is the case for Election night as well. I’ve broken them down by network.


CBC has a live election blog on their mobile app (iOS and Android) and their website that allows you to follow all of the results as they happen without switching off the baseball game. You can set up personalized alerts for your riding. They are also streaming all of their live election coverage from the blog.

You can subscribe to the CBC News Network online for $6.95/month here.

You can find out which party to vote for by completing the Vote Compass questionnaire here.


CTV has an interactive election map that updates results live.

You can stream CTV’s ELECTION 2015 coverage online from here starting ay 5:00pm MT. I was streaming Canada AM’s election coverage live this morning from the CTV News site as well.


Global has a new streaming news service that is currently in Beta right now and will update election results tonight and is personalized to your location. (Closest large city)

Huffington Post Canada

The Huffington Post is presenting its first ever live streaming election coverage in Canada tonight starting at 6:oo pm MT. They will also be updating the Blue Jays game so that you won’t miss a thing.


Canada’s Parliamentary Channel is providing its election coverage online today. The coverage is all day.

Go out and vote. Watch the Blue Jays game and watch the election coverage all at the same time with your high performing internet connection!


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