Google Home is coming to town (and maybe to your front door!)

“Ok Google, what’s the hottest must-have piece of tech to stash under the Christmas tree this year?”

It’s no secret that voice-activated smart speakers are already among this year’s most recommended gift ideas, and Santa’s elves have been hard at work making sure Google Home is one of the most popular smart speakers around. But if you don’t follow Santa’s Workshop on social media, or read Mrs. Claus’ tech blog, you might be still be wondering what Google Home is or does, exactly.

In a nutshell, Google Home is a voice-activated speaker that can serve as the brains of your entire smart home. It can be connected to your other smart home devices, synced with your Google accounts, and linked to a variety of your online services, such as Spotify or Google Play.

Google Home is so popular, in fact, it’s already growing harder and harder to get your mittens on a Home speaker ahead of Christmas, with stores struggling to keep them in stock and on the shelves.

Rest assured, the Axia elves have been working just as hard as Santa’s northern counterparts. They’ve made a list, they’ve checked it twice, and they’ve flagged all Axia customers as nice!

This week, to make the holidays extra Merry & Bright, our tireless elves will be spreading the holiday cheer by hand-delivering a BlueBox directly to your home. Inside you’ll find a fun gift just for you, but if you open your BlueBox up to find your gift wrapped in gold foil you’re in for an even bigger surprise—you’ve just won one our larger sweepstakes prizes. It could be a Google Home, Nest, Sonos Speaker, or more.

The best part? If you win a gold prize you get to give one away to a neighbor! So stay on the lookout for elves in your area soon. They come bearing gifts (and maybe even some hot chocolate).


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