Google Announces Family Link, A Parental Controls App for Android

If you’re raising young children, you’ve likely wrestled with when and how to introduce them to their first smartphone or tablet. On the one hand, these devices can help keep your children connected to you and other family members at all times, as well as connect them to an incredible world of inspiration and information. On the other hand, it can be incredibly difficult to control what kids see and do on the internet.

Luckily, this dilemma might be a thing of the past, thanks to the recently announced Google Family Link. This handy service lets parents monitor and control how their children use their own Android-powered smartphones or tablets.

Here’s how it works: Download the Family Link to your own smartphone or tablet then use the app to create a new Google Account for your child. This new account is then used to sign into your child’s Android-powered smartphone or tablet.

From the Family Link app, parents can set ground rules over how their children are allowed to use their own mobile devices, including how much time they’re allowed to be online each day, and the times of the day they’re allowed to be online each day.

Family Link automatically tracks and logs usage on your child’s mobile devices, providing you with straightforward activity reports on everything from time online to time spent in each app. Parents can set device bedtimes and limit the amount time per day each device can be used. Parents can also block or approve specific apps from the Google Play Store, so kids can only download what mom or dad allows.

If you’re a parent with a young child at home, the issue of when and how to give your child their very own mobile device can be difficult to navigate. Family Link could be just the ticket. 


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