Getting Started with an Ooma Handset

Considering getting your phone service over the Internet? The technical term for it is Voice Over Internet Protocol, and Ooma is the fastest growing VoIP company in Canada.  You’ve likely heard about the customer-friendly brand and their Ooma Telo service, and have noticed some crazy dirt-cheap sale prices in the last couple of months, on ecommerce sites like Amazon.

Ooma Telo offers features that beat traditional phone companies hands down. Unlike some other VoIP services, Ooma’s PureVoice HD Technology provides incredible voice clarity when connecting to other HD networks - even during Internet congestion. Your calls are also encrypted by the same kind of technology that governments use to protect classified data.

There are two levels of Ooma Telo service. Basic includes free calling within Canada, caller ID and voicemail that you can access from any phone or Internet browser. International calling starts at 1.4 cents per minute (there is also a low cost monthly plan) and you can call any other Ooma in the world for free. There’s also the option of getting an additional line in case a second call comes in when the phone is in use. Other cool stuff includes

  • Free calling to the U.S.

  • Blocking unwanted callers like telemarketers

  • Three-way conferencing

  • Voicemail monitoring

  • Call forwarding to another phone number in case your Internet goes down

You can download the mobile HD app and connect to your smartphone. It’s compatible with iOS and Android devices, and allows free nationwide calls by connecting your mobile to your Ooma account. If you step up to their Premier service you can receive calls anywhere.

Similar to a smart phone, the Ooma HD2 handset allows you to sync your phone book with online contacts from Apple, Google, Yahoo and others. Get picture caller ID by synching with Facebook profile pictures. Recently available is Talkatone app, which supports free picture texting.

You can also have Ooma Telo connect your home by interacting seamlessly with your favorite smart devices and apps. Use Amazon Echo to initiate voice activated dialing and the Nest family of products for controlling your thermostat and smoke alarms. You can even control your lighting by connecting Ooma Telo with Philips Hue light bulbs via the IFTTT app!

Activate your device online by choosing a phone number. Next, choose a place to hook up to your Internet connection. Once you’ve done this refer to the Quick Start Guide, which will walk you through the remaining instructions. Make sure you’re following the latest versions.


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