Fun and simple apps to help you keep those 2017 fitness resolutions

New year, new you—right? New Year’s resolutions are always easier stated than kept, especially when it comes to fitness goals and healthier living. The trick is setting small, achievable goals you can stick to throughout the year.

Need a little support keeping those fitness resolutions? These simple apps can help.

Plant Nanny

The health benefits of staying well hydrated each and every day are well established. But guzzling down 10 or more cups of water can be a tough feat to pull off day in, day out. That’s where Plant Nanny shines. This adorable app puts you in charge of a cute digital plant that needs to be watered regularly throughout the day. As you track your consumption of water intake your digital plant grows and thrives. Miss a few glasses of water, and your plant suffers—just like you.


Getting a restful night’s sleep goes a long way to keeping you fit, healthy, and happy. But it’s not al about getting extra winks. Waking up at the wrong time, such as in the depths of a deep, deep snooze, can through off your entire day. SleepCycle is an app that monitors your sleep (while your smartphone sits on your nightstand) and gently wakes you during a lighter phase in your sleep cycle. This type of gentle, soothing, and gradual wakeup helps set you up for a better start to the day.


Eating consistently healthy meals takes a bit of planning and forethought—especially if you don’t want to sacrifice taste and variety. MealPlan is a helpful shopping app that lets you make custom shopping lists, generate quick grocery lists from specific recipes, create weekly meal plans, and quickly gauge the calories of different meals. This means when you head to the grocery store you’ll know precisely what you need to make healthy meals and snacks for the week ahead.

Spotify Running

Aside from drinking lots of water, getting lots of sleep, and making healthy eating choices, moving your body is essential for proper fitness. Getting out for that early morning jog or after work workout can be a hard sell though. If you’re a Spotify user, you’re probably not aware of a handy feature called Spotify Running.

Fire-up your Spotify app and search for "Running" playlists. Once you select a playlist based on your mood and click Start Run, Spotify will continually detect your running tempo and queue up songs to match your current pace. Sometimes the right song at the right time is all the motivation you need.


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