Father’s Day gift ideas for dads who love cool tech

Dads are a funny bunch. They spend just about all of their time working, “helping” with homework, “fixing” things around the house, and so on. But deep down, dads are just big kids who can’t wait to get home from work and play with their toys.

So, in honour of dads everywhere, here’s a short list of gift ideas that are sure to knock dear old Dad’s socks off this Father’s Day.

Aerial photography

Dads and cameras — they’re inseparable. No family event is complete without at least one father herding uncles, aunts, and cousins like sheep, snapping photo after photo after photo. So why not help him take his photography game to the next level, literally?

The DJI Spark mini drone only costs around $500 and features a built-in 12MP camera that lets you record in-flight video in Full HD 1080p. You can fly the drone using an app on your phone, or with hand signals from the ground.

His own personal home theatre

Sometimes Dad just needs to escape and wind down. Whether he has a man cave or not, if he wants to enjoy a movie or play some video games distraction-free there’s nothing better than a pair of wireless home theatre headphones. He can crank The Godfather or play Call of Duty at max volume and in virtual surround sound — all without disturbing anyone else.

Wireless home theatre headphones typically connect to your TV or receiver via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Some models include a dedicated RF receiver as well, for an improved wireless connection.

All the video games he can handle

If your pops is a gamer (or used to be, back in the days of Atari) you can put an unlimited supply of video games in his hands with an online subscription to Xbox Game Pass or PlayStation Now. Of course, he’ll need an Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or PlayStation 3 as well.

Like streaming movies and TV shows on Netflix, these services let you stream a massive library of on-demand video games. Xbox Game Pass features hundreds of titles at a time, including some of the newest and hottest games around, such as Sea of Thieves. PlayStation Now features thousands of older titles, including some of the most celebrated video games of all time, such as The Last of Us.


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