Everything you need to know about video gaming in 2016

Video gaming has come a long way since Pong was released in the early ‘70s. Originally only available in arcades, video games entered the home later that decade and have continually evolved ever since. Now there are all kinds of game genres including action, adventure, role-playing, simulation and strategy, with multiple sub-categories within each one. And, there’s as many ways to play these games, even in 3D!

To play video games at home you need a game console, computer, tablet or smartphone.  Most of us are familiar with the more traditional gaming console systems: Sony’s Playstation, Microsoft’s Xbox and Nintendo’s Wii but there are also handheld systems like Nintendo’s DS.

All these systems are competing to get a share of the total video game revenue, estimated at $91.5 billion in 2015, considerably more than that of the movie industry.

With most gaming devices now able to connect to the Internet, gaming is shifting away from being sold on discs to being delivered online. This has enabled players around the world to interact and compete against one another.

Most popular video games

Depending on which platform you choose the answer can vary. Especially with tablets and smartphones, games are relatively cheap or free and there are thousands to choose from. Who can forget Angry Birds, an overnight sensation that became so popular it’s even coming out as a movie! Finally Nintendo is entering the mobile gaming market with a social game based on the characters from Wii called Miitomo.

When it comes to the biggest selling games there are quite a few that are available across multiple platforms. According to Fortune Magazine, Mortal Kombat X, a fighting game, was number one in the first half of 2015 and is available for Xbox, Playstation, PC, iOS and Android. Grand Theft Auto V follows it, which is available on those same platforms.

Online games are ranked by how many millions of followers they have. The most popular, League of Legends, is a multiplayer battle arena game that is estimated to have 27 million regular players. Number two is World of Warcraft, a role playing game that has more than 10 million subscribers.

As video games become more reliant on the Internet and graphics and capabilities improve they have increased demand on bandwidth and the amount of data being downloaded. To ensure a high quality and uninterrupted gaming experience with no data caps we recommend a dedicated fibre connection.


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