Essential Back to School Apps for Busy Families

The back to school shopping is done, the first lunches are planned, and the summer clothes have been packed away—time for another new school year.

If your family is like most others, the next 10 months or so will prove to be busy and hectic. Between homework and special projects and extracurricular activities, keeping all of the balls in the air throughout the school year can be difficult, to say the least.

Luckily there’s a slew of helpful apps to help you keep things organized and on track for the whole family. Finding the best of the bunch can be a chore in and of itself, so we’ve whittled the list down to a few of our favourites.

Family Locator by Life 360

For all those times you’re wondering where, exactly, your children are. From simple peace of mind to making sure schedules are kept, this invaluable app lets you see your whole family’s real-time location. You can also chat, send messages, and receive alerts when family members leave work, leave school, or arrive home. Family Locator is available for both iPhone and Android smartphones.

MyHomework Student Planner

Your child is most likely glued to his or her smartphone, so make it work to everyone’s advantage. Ditch the paper planner of yesteryear and get them setup with the MyHomework Student Planner, available for Apple, Android, and Windows devices. Your child can track due dates, organize their schedule, receive reminders, and even sync their data across devices (hint: with your smartphone or laptop).

Cozi Family Organizer

Running a family is like running a business. Keeping track of everyone’s agenda and ensuring everyone is on the same page can be exhausting. With the Cozi Family Organizer (available for Apple, Android, and Windows devices), you can centralize each family member’s schedule, appointments, and chores in a single place. The information is synced across each family member’s go-to device so everyone is always up to date.


If you’ve got an older child or two under your roof they’ll likely encounter some difficult material and coursework as they get closer and closer to finals. Flashcards+ takes the tried-and-tested flashcards formula and digitizes it; decks are easy to make, can be created with images, and they’re always with you on your smartphone—so you can study anytime and anywhere. You can even download pre-made decks on popular subjects and courses. Flashcards+ is available for both Apple and Android devices.


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