Create Your Own Virtual Reality With Samsung Gear 360

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360 Video is the next stage in the evolution of video. Also called immersive video, 360 video records in every direction, providing a 360-degree view. Used for Virtual Reality (VR) experiences and sharing video online, 360 video is growing in popularity.

With the Samsung Gear 360, you can record 360 video to create your very own VR experience. This easy-to-use 360 camera has a good picture quality and even records well in low light. The Gear 360 also shoots decent single camera video and still photos, making it a good recording option for any outing or event.

Two fish-eye lenses in the spherical camera film independent of one another, offering a 360 view when used simultaneously. Each lens contains sensors capable of filming at nearly 4K resolution (3840 x 1920 px), at a speed of 30 frames per second.     

The Samsung 360 supports a micro SD card with 128 GB of memory and comes with a small tripod. The battery is easy to change, so you're not restricted by the battery life of approximately two continuous hours of filming.

Pair the Gear 360 with a Galaxy phone or tablet and the 360 App to control the camera remotely. While the camera works best for Samsung phone and tablet users, there is software for Windows PC users, and iOS support is planned.

For video viewing, you can load video onto your phone or PC or upload to YouTube or Facebook. The best viewing, however, is on the VR headset.

The Samsung 360 is great for recording events like weddings and birthday parties, and for the VR enthusiast with a Galaxy VR headset, this camera is ideal.


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