The biggest questions heading into Season 5 of House of Cards

Clear your calendar and get ready to carve out some prime binge-watching time. Season 5 of House of Cards releases on Tuesday, May 30th. As with all previous HoC seasons, every episode will land on Netflix at the same time, so if you want to avoid big spoilers at the water cooler it’s best to race through the whole season as soon as you can.

Before you popcorn-up and dig in to watch the Underwoods unleash the dogs of political war, here’s a quick primer on the most burning questions from last season.

Are Frank and Claire playing each other? Will one kill the other?

Last season, Frank and Claire’s relationship ran the gamut. Having ascended to the presidency together, their marriage got tangled up in affair and fell to pieces. She was ready to walk and he was ready to let her. But they appeared to patch things up, with Frank agreeing to name Claire as his running mate for the 2016 Presidential Election. Is it win-win calculations on each side? Or is one playing the other? Could we see one take the ultimate step and “eliminate” the other?

Is Claire about to become the main character?

Claire’s character came into her own in Season 4, clamouring for power the way Frank clawed his way to the presidency over the course of the first three seasons. Throughout Season 4, in fact, her storylines often took primary focus, with Frank playing second fiddle. To top it all off, in the final seconds of Season 4, both Frank and Claire break the fourth wall and speak directly to the audience—something only Frank had done to this point in the series.

Who will win the election? Is this the beginning of an Underwood dictatorship?

Season 5 is going to be all about the 2016 Presidential Election. The Underwoods are up against youthful and charismatic Republican Will Conway, a man who Frank once said “would be the next JFK” if he were a Democrat. The Underwoods are never more compelling than when they have a formidable enemy to focus their scheming on, and Conway presents a big challenge.

It seems a forgone conclusion that the Underwoods will win the election, but then what? In the official Season 5 trailer, Frank claims they’ll win the next 6 presidential elections… This would require some big changes to the U.S. Constitution, since American presidents are currently limited to a total of two terms. What does Frank have in store? What’s he planning? 


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