The best apps for gardening and landscaping

Now that summer is in the air you might have found yourself looking around the backyard or patio and making a mental to-do list: Clean the BBQ, power wash the deck, mow the lawn...

But what about those empty flowerbeds and planters?

Whether you’re a renowned green thumb or a notorious black thumb, maintaining a garden of any size can be a lot of work. Luckily, in today’s app-connected world, there are plenty of great digital resources available to help you keep your garden in perfect health all summer long.

Here’s a quick look at a few of our favourites.

Garden Plan Pro

If you’re planning a garden from scratch, this fantastic app will help you optimize every step. From helping you select the right plants or veggies for your climate, to showing you where to place them, to letting you map out your entire orchard with built-in drawing tools, Garden Plan Pro takes care of the guesswork. It even analyzes weather data for your area to determine the best times to plant specific varieties. 

Perennial Match 

Some plants don’t play nice together, while others thrive. This handy app is another one that’s perfect for planners. Before you run out to the local nursery and pick out your favourite flowers, use Perennial Match to determine which plants are compatible with each other. The app makes it easy to visualize different combinations of flowers and plants, and provides suggestions on perfect matches.  

Garden Answers Plant Id 

We all have that friend (or maybe it’s mom) who we call when we have a dying plant in our garden. What’s wrong with it? Is that a fungus growing on it? This app puts the answers to more than 200,000 common plant health questions in the palm of your hand.  The best part? The app also includes a plant identification feature. Just snap a picture of your sick flower or plant and the app will bring up expert horticultural advice in an instant. 


If you’re looking to transform more than just the flowerbeds and planters in your backyard, the iScape app might be for you. Before you lift a finger or plant a shovel, you can preview how large-scale landscaping projects will look in your garden. You simply snap a photo of your backyard or garden and then select the landscaping elements you’d like to preview. The app does all the rest.


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