A Beginner's Guide to Switching to VoIP with Ooma

Ooma Telo


When I made the decision to end my cable subscription, I was forced to confront the fact that an unbundled phone bill from my provider was suddenly $60 a month. I needed to make a change quicklyand a VoIP system seemed like a good solution.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems have been around for a while now but are a difficult proposition if you don’t have a high performing internet connection.  That leaves only two choices, keep your expensive legacy phone or just using a mobile phone, which isn’t really an option with three kids at home.
After some initial research I was referred by a coworker to the Ooma residential VoIP service and liked what I saw.

The basic features include:

•    Caller ID.
•    Voicemail.
•    An Ooma App to make free calls from your mobile phone.
•    Free Calling in Canada.
•    Enhanced 911 service.
•    Unlimited International long distance for $17.99 a month.


The premier service for $9.99 a month includes:

•    Call blocking.
•    A second number.
•    Free calling to the U.S.
•    3 Way conferencing.
•    Back up number so that if the internet goes down, calls are forwarded to your mobile phone.
•    Caller ID.
•    Call forwarding.
•    Multi ring, both home and mobile.
•    Voicemail to email forwarding.
•    Voicemail text alerts.
•    Free outgoing in incoming calls through the Ooma mobile app.
•    Nest integration.

Ooma will also port your current Telus number over to the new system for a $39.99 one-time fee. They will waive that if you buy the premier package for 12 months in advance. The only thing you need to buy is an Ooma Telo, which is a small router like box that is sold at Best Buy, London Drugs, Costco.ca, Staples, and Amazon.ca for $129.00 and plugs into your internet router. Then you simply plug your phone into the Ooma Telo.

Setting up my account and porting my home number over to Ooma was extremely simple through their easy to follow, online process and took just a few minutes.
Now that I have Ooma, I can’t believe I waited so long to switch to a VoIP provider. The system works great,I never miss any calls and at the same time my total bill is less than $15 a month.


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