Tired of slow Internet? Join Generation AXIA and become the next fibre optic community

Calgary, Alberta (September 23, 2015) – Axia is today launching the Generation Axia campaign to bring fibre optic Internet to more rural Alberta communities in 2016. While the province’s largest Internet service providers are focused on delivering fibre optic Internet to major urban centres, Axia is committed to connecting rural Alberta residents with each other and the world.

Through this campaign, the company is encouraging communities to express interest in joining “Generation Axia.” In order for a community to be selected, it must work with Axia to generate at least 30% pre-order sign up for fibre optic installation in 2016.

Generation Axia is being introduced to the mayors and Chief Administrative Officers of Alberta’s target communities during a presentation at the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association annual convention in Calgary today.

With fibre optic construction already underway in several rural communities in Southern Alberta, including Nanton and Nobleford, Axia is looking to identify the next forward-thinking communities to invest in.

"You cannot truly call yourself a modern community without genuine, affordable, dependable high speed Internet. Fibre optic capacity and dependability brought to Nobleford, by Axia, allows Nobleford world class communication capabilities,” says Kirk Hofman, CAO of Nobleford. Axia has begun construction of its fibre optic network in Nanton and Nobleford, Alberta, and the Generation Axia campaign is working to extend this network to more Alberta communities.

The miniscule wires in Axia Fibre allow the maximum number of information “highways” in one line, each with the highest carrying capacity possible. “If traditional copper wire isn’t good enough for major city centers like Edmonton, why is it good enough for rural communities in Alberta?” says Robert Price, Axia’s vice president of residential and enterprise services.

“We are looking to invest in and bring our fibre optic Internet services to the most forward-looking, fibre friendly communities. By encouraging 30% of each community to submit interest for residential and business Internet services – your community could be next,” says Price.

Communities interested in Axia Fibre can encourage their residents to find out more, and express their interest online at

About Axia

Axia sells services over fibre optic communications infrastructure in jurisdictions that have implemented the Axia FibreNet solution. Axia has networks in Alberta, France and Massachusetts. Axia trades on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol “AXX”.

Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Axia has been building its network services to rural communities province-wide over the past decade. It operates the most comprehensive, high quality and resilient fibre network interconnecting communities in the province. Customers benefit from Axia’s ability to deliver the highest quality, scalable, flexible and attractively priced fibre-based services.


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