The Apple iPad Pro - Does Size Really Matter?

Are you an Apple fanboy/girl? Do you subscribe to the bigger is better school of thought. If so then this might be the iPad for you. The iPad Pro is a very big tablet at 327.66 x 220.6 x 6.9mm and weighs 723 grams (12.9 x 8.69 x 0.27 in. and 1.59 lbs for the metrically challenged). This means that this beast really needs two hands to hold but on the good side, the screen is the size of a normal magazine.

This is Apple’s biggest and most powerful iPad to date and is being billed as a laptob/tablet hybrid. In reality it is a really big iPad that has the screen size of a laptop but on the same iOS9 operating system as all of the now tiny iPads out there. It does carry the processing power of a laptop so does operate blindingly fast but still doesn’t handle multitasking as well as a laptop with either Windows 10 or OS X.

The screen resolution is extremely high so reading graphic heavy content or watching videos is a treat. There is also side by side multitasking built into iOS 9 and this works very well for handling things like email while reading. There is also Picture in Picture capability but it was hard to find an app that currently was optimized for this.

The exciting part of this ginormous tablet however was the Apple Pen accessory. There are a number of drawing and sketching apps that are optimized for the Pen and this was the where the tablet really shines. I haven’t used a stylus much before this but I was totally immersed in exploring my limited artistic side for hours.

There aren’t enough apps currently in the app store that are optimized to take advantage of the iPad Pro’s potential but that will be fixed relatively soon just as in the past. However, if you like to read or watch HD video content on a tablet, then Apple has built the one for you.

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