June 2017

Google’s smart assistant speaker, Google Home, is coming to Canada

Until recently, Amazon Echo has been the undisputed king of the voice-activated smart home speaker market, deftly using Amazon’s “smart assistant” Alexa voice technology to answer your on-the-fly questions, give you the low-down on the weather, and put your other smart home devices at your direct beck and call. Two years after its initial release, however, the Echo still remains officially unavailable in Canada, leaving smart home fans in Canada with fairly limited options. 

Intel Partners with MLB to Broadcast Weekly Games in Virtual Reality

Whether you’re a baseball fan or not, it’s hard to beat sitting in the stands of an MLB stadium and taking in the sights and sounds of game at the height of summer. From the crack of the bat and the roar of the crowd, to the late-evening sun spilling over the outfield bleachers, a Major League Baseball game is an experience that’s best enjoyed in person.

Watch and record over-the-air TV channels with Plex Live TV

If you’ve cut the cord on cable (or if you’re thinking about it) and you’re looking for a way to watch free live local TV with streamlined DVR-style ease, good news is in store. Plex, most known for its free Plex Media Server software, is launching Plex Live TV, which gives you the ability to watch and record free live over-the-air HD channels for a small monthly fee.