October 2016

Must-have smartphone apps to get you ready for Halloween

After you’ve carved the pumpkins, decked the house out with spooky decorations, and pulled on your finest Walking Dead costume, it’s time to get your smartphone dressed up for a night of Halloween fun.

But if wading through the thousands of Halloween-themed apps available on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store sounds like too much of a nightmare, you’re in luck—we’ve plucked out a few of our favourites.

How to watch NHL hockey after cutting the cord on cable

With the official end of summer and the arrival of fall it’s time to prepare for the emergence of winter’s short days and long nights. In most countries, that means getting lots of lots of Vitamin D on a daily basis. And while that’s generally good practice, up here in Canada winter’s arrival means one thing and one thing only: Ensuring we get lots and lots of healthy NHL hockey on a daily basis.

The Most Overlooked Chromecast Feature for Cord Cutters

If you’re a regular Chromecast user or if you’ve seen it in action at a friend’s house, you’re probably pretty familiar with the basics. Once it’s plugged in and set up, it effectively turns your TV into a smart TV. From your smartphone or yourtablet you can stream content from apps such as Netflix and YouTube to your TV with the tap of an icon. Nice and easy (and wireless).