October 2015

Why you need fibre to use the new Apple TV

The newest version of Apple TV releases in October, and it’s yet another signal that the future of home entertainment lies in real-time, high-definition streaming over the Internet. In fact, within the year Apple is even planning to launch its own web TV service to compete with cable TV providers, offering a small bundle of essential channels that will be accessible through—you guessed it—Apple TV’s newest box.

Top 5 Discounted Halloween Costume Websites

If you’re anything like us you’ve spent the last three weeks thinking about your Halloween costume but have yet to order it. Oops! If you’re looking for a great Halloween costume at a discount and in a hurry, check out the five website below that all offer expedited shipping to Alberta. Don’t let Halloween 2015 come and go without a costume, order one today and you’ll have one just in time for the festivities on Saturday!
1) http://www.costumesupercentre.ca/

Touring the Home of the Future

At Telus, the future is friendly but when you visit their “Future Home” you are left wondering if that future will ever come if you wait for them to deliver it. They have created a 560 square foot living space that showcases the technologies that will make our lives simpler when you connect to their fibre optic network.

There are a few issues with the whole thing.

How to Watch the 2015 Election Without Cable

Today marks the culmination of a 78 day barrage of election ads, promises and perhaps elevated blood pressure depending on your political persuasion. Now all that is left is to cast your ballot (If you don’t know where you cast your ballot you can find out here) and then settle down and watch the results come in from across the country. At least in between the innings in the Jays game. But what if you don’t have cable?

How to bring your community into the fibre future

Want to stream high-def Apple TV to your heart’s content? Tired of constant buffering on Netflix? Sick of gamer lag on PlayStation or Xbox Live? You need fibre optic Internet.

Unfortunately you can’t just call up the cable guy—whether he’s a friend or super-creepy foe—and ask him to tap into existing telephone or TV cables to get it. Fibre optic networks move massive amounts of data by transmitting beams of pure light, instead of electricity. That means an entirely new infrastructure is needed to bring the near unlimited data-capacity of fibre networks to new communities.

But building that new fibre optic network is a major undertaking. Every kilometre has to be carefully planned in coordination with city planners. The new network has to fit in seamlessly with the existing utilities infrastructure. It’s a painstaking and costly process. And once the exhaustive planning phase is complete, an equally methodical construction phase begins, in which thousands of kilometres of fibre optic cable are put down and gridded up together, section by section.

The Blue Jays Are In the ALCS – How Can I Stream?

Now that a couple of days have passed since the Bat Flip heard around the world, Canadians have collectively caught their breath and can look forward to the ALCS series against the Kansas City Royals. The pressing question now is, how can I stream the Jays for the rest of the postseason if I don’t have cable or satellite TV with a Sports package?

Gamecentre Live Could Be a Game Changing Way to Stream Hockey

Stream Over 1000 NHL Games

For those of us living in Canada, the first week of October can mean only one thing. Well…maybe two if you count stuffing your face full of turkey.  The start of the NHL season is here once again. Finally, summer is over and we can get down to stuffing our lives full of hockey (See what I did there?).